The only payment that you can receive through the OpenNode platform is Bitcoin. When the Bitcoin hits your account, two things can happen:

You can keep the received Bitcoin as Bitcoin

 If this is the case, the funds will go to your Bitcoin Wallet

You can exchange the funds into fiat currency

Through our Automatic Conversion feature, you can exchange Bitcoin into supported fiat currencies, instantly, at the time of transaction. If this is the case, the funds will convert from Bitcoin to fiat (in this case, USD) and go to your USD Wallet

When the funds go to your fiat wallet (in this example, USD Wallet). they will stay there until you initiate a bank withdrawal, which takes 1-3 days to complete.

Setting up a fiat wallet

To get set-up with a fiat wallet, fill out your KYC (Know your customer) requirements and connect your bank account directly from your OpenNode dashboard.

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