This article refers to underpaid payments.

Unless a merchant has set an underpaid threshold enabling them to accept underpayments, payers are provided the option to either top up payment or request return of the underpaid amount.

When OpenNode identifies an underpayment, we display the following popup to the payer. To initiate a return, the payer must click "refund".

Image of an underpayment on the OpenNode checkout

The payer is then prompted to enter an email address and the bitcoin address to which OpenNode will send the underpayment return. Note: the bitcoin address must be an on-chain Bitcoin address. Funds can not be returned to a Lightning Network address (curious - why?).

When the payer clicks refund, OpenNode:

  • subtracts 200 satoshis (0.00000200 BTC) to cover network fees.

  • Initiaties the return of underpaid funds

  • sends a confirmation email including details of the refund.

Refunds are typically completed within 24 hours of being initiated.

An Image of the refund to a payer from OpenNode
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