This video walkthrough shows how to complete an OpenNode checkout with a Debit/Credit card. Keep scrolling down to see a step-by-step guide that breaks down each step of the video with a special note about Apple Pay.

Step 1: Click "Debit or credit"

This will launch a widget in a new window where you will complete the checkout.

Step 2: Verify That You Are Eligible to Complete the Payment

For more information on Debit/Credit Cards/Apple Pay click here.

Step 3: Select Your Payment Method

Once you select a method of payment, click the checkbox and then the "Pay" button.

About Apple Pay:

  • The Apple Pay option only works on certain Apple devices running the Safari web browser.
  • Apple Pay works in these supported regions.
  • Click here for instructions on how to complete Apple Pay payments.
  • If you are using the Apple Pay option the proceeding steps do not apply.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Billing Information

When you are done filling out the form, click "Confirm Purchase".

Note: Please ensure the phone number you use can receive text (SMS) messages. The next step will ask for a text message authorization Standard fares may apply.

Step 5: Enter the SMS Authentication Code

Once you enter the code, click "Authorize Transaction".

Step 6: Enter Bank Statement Authentication Code

For this step, you must log in to your card issuer's mobile app or website. From there, navigate to the transaction history of the card you are paying with. There will be a "processing" transaction at the top of the card's transactions with the format seen in the screenshot above. Enter the 6 digit code from that transaction into the box. When you are done, click "Authorize Transaction".

Step 7: You're Done!

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