Accepting Bitcoin payments is easy and will grow your business

  • Market to millions of Bitcoin users around the world.

  • Remove chargeback fraud from your business with zero chargebacks.

  • All you need is a mobile device, an internet connection, and an OpenNode account.

OpenNode provides the simplest and most reliable way for businesses to accept Bitcoin payments:

  • Compatible with all Bitcoin wallets.

  • On-chain and Lightning Network.

  • Automatic conversion: to your preferred local currency at the time of the transaction.

  • Locked rates: Bitcoin price fluctuations won’t impact your earned settlement amount.

  • Split settlement: Choose the number of bitcoin earnings that you want to hodl, the rest can be automatically converted.

  • One-time conversion: to your preferred local currency on-demand.

  • Bank transfers: Convert to your preferred local currency at any time or transfer to your bank on a weekly basis.

Signing up for an account

  1. Visit and click “Login / Get Started” or visit

  2. Sign up for an account with an email and password.

  3. Verify your email address.

  4. Log in.

  5. Enter the requested information. Be sure the image you add is a square (1:1 dimension image) logo for your business.


OpenNode requires all users to verify their identity with Sum & Substance before accepting payments. You will need the following identification documents to verify your account:

  • Individual/Sole Proprietor

    • SSN or equivalent

    • Photo ID or passport

    • Selfie

  • Registered Business

    • SSN or equivalent

    • Photo ID or passport

    • Business documentation

    • Beneficial Owner information

    • Selfie

Upon submitting you will be verified in 1-2 business days. If you have questions, please email

Key feature resources

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