Bitcoin transactions (Lightning Network and On-Chain)

Our standard pricing model is aimed at allowing all businesses, small or large, to experience the Lightning Network with minimal fees and no upfront cost, with tiered pricing:

*this is the USD equivalent amount at the time the transaction is created.

Tiered pricing also includes the following features:

  • The first $10k in transaction amount is free ($25k for non-profits)
  • No minimum amount
  • No monthly fees
  • No contracts

Bitcoin Withdrawals

OpenNode offers two types of Bitcoin withdrawals: Instant withdrawals and scheduled withdrawals. For detailed information on Bitcoin Withdrawals, click here.

Instant Bitcoin Withdrawals

From OpenNode ➡️ Bitcoin wallet (On-chain): 1% fee
From OpenNode ➡️ Bitcoin wallet (Lightning Network): Free

Scheduled Bitcoin Withdrawals

Transferring bitcoin from your OpenNode account to a separate Lightning Network or On-chain Bitcoin wallet is always free.

Bank withdrawals

OpenNode charges 0.25 - 2% on top of the standard processing fee we charge for the Bitcoin transaction for bank withdrawals. The exact withdrawal fee will depend on which currency you are converting to. You can find a list of supported currencies here, and our bank withdrawal minimums & bank withdrawal fees here.

Are you a high volume merchant?

Contact us directly at to customize an experience that tailor fits your business needs.

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