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OpenNode Value Proposition

OpenNode is the fastest, most inclusive payment processor and is up-to-date payment with all BIPs, including the Lighting Network. Need more information? Read on.

Getting Started

Sign up with an email, complete your KYC / compliance documents, set your company name and logo, and you're ready to go!


Explore our pricing and fee structure, Bitcoin wallet recommendations, exchange rate information, and more frequently asked questions.


Learn about our payment types, information about underpaid payments, minimum and maximum charge amounts, and more.


Learn how to set up, fund, initiate, and receive OpenNode payouts

How to Pay

Learn how to complete Bitcoin checkouts, avoid underpayments, and more - all from a payer's perspective.

Currency Conversion and Transfers

Learn about our Automatic Currency Conversion, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoin Transfer features.

API and Integrations

Integrate OpenNode seamlessly with our web plugins, sandbox, and API documentation.


Our step-by-step guides instruct you how to build and set up payment buttons, POS systems, and more!

My account

Make changes to your account and learn about Two-Factor authentication (2FA).


Learn how to refund your buyers.


Information about OpenNode, from how to connect to our node to how many confirmations OpenNode requires, and more.