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Setting Up OpenNode as Point of Sale (POS) on iOS
Setting Up OpenNode as Point of Sale (POS) on iOS

A walkthrough on how to turn your iPad into a POS with OpenNode Payment Requests

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With just a few taps on an iPhone or iPad, OpenNode turns into a fully-functional POS system for accepting Bitcoin or Lightning Network payments. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get your POS set up today!

A note before we begin: This demonstration is on an iPad, but it has an identical flow on iPhone. 

Step 1: Sign-in to OpenNode on a Web Browser

In order for the POS to work, you will need to be signed in to your OpenNode account on your iPhone or iPad in a web browser.

Image of Computer screen before setting up OpenNode as a POS

Step 2: Navigate to Payments Requests

Image of the OpenNode Dashboard before the Point of Sale Screen

Step 3: Tap to "Add to Home Screen"

Image of the Point of Sale tool on OpenNode
Image of adding a shortcut to the OpenNode Point of Sale tool

Step 4: You are Done!

There should now be an OpenNode payment request app on your device's home screen. When you select this icon, you will be able to create a payment request instantly as if you were using a POS.

Remember, you can even export data off OpenNode's platform as a .csv to integrate with Quickbooks or any other accounting software.

Image of the OpenNode logo on a desktop as a shortcut to a Point of Sale

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