Payment Invoices

Send professional, itemized invoices to bill your clients or customers in Bitcoin.

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Payment invoices allow you to create custom, bespoke, itemized invoices for a given product, service, or donation in the form of a shareable PDF, hyperlink, or email.

Image of a payment invoice that a client would see using OpenNode

How to Find Payment Invoices

Navigate to Payment > Invoices from the OpenNode dashboard to manage, view, and create new Payment Invoices.

Image of your payment invoices on the OpenNode Dashboard

Creating Invoices

To create an invoice, click "+ Create Invoice". On the next page, you'll find this form.

Image of creating a payment invoice on the OpenNode platform

Viewing, Managing and Voiding Invoices

Click on any invoice on the Payment > Invoices page to see detailed information about that invoice.

You can see the status of the invoice, information about who the email was sent to, and where, what the due date is, and the itemized charge breakdown. You can void the invoice by clicking "void invoice".

Invoice Status'

  • Open means that an invoice has been sent, is not yet paid, and is still within the due date (it is not overdue).

  • Overdue means that an invoice has been sent, is not yet paid, and is not within the due date window (it is overdue).

  • Paid means that an invoice has been paid.

  • Void means that the invoice was voided.

You can also view the invoice, and send the invoice as a permanent hyperlink. If you select download PDF, you can obtain a .PDF file of the Invoice.ย 

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