Thanks for contributing to the growth of the Bitcoin economy by choosing to pay with Bitcoin! Here are some best practices we encourage you to keep in mind to avoid underpayments (aka partial payments).

Underpayments typically result from one of two things:

1. Payments initiated from exchanges (most common)

  • Exchanges often batch payments in order to minimize network fees and delay sending them as a result.

  • In addition, exchanges often deduct fees from outgoing payments.

2. Payments initiated using USD (or local currency) amount instead of BTC

  • Payers sometimes initiate payment by copying and pasting the BTC address instead of using the OpenNode checkout or QR code.

  • Bitcoin wallets using different exchange rates can cause discrepancies in the BTC payment amount

Best practices:

  • Use bitcoin/lightning mobile wallets that allow simple, quick payment by scanning the QR code or copying/pasting the BTC address.

  • Always enter the exact BTC payment amount (not the USD amount) calculated at checkout

  • Payments from exchanges should always include transfer fees to ensure payment success

Mitigating the impact of underpayments:

In the event a partial payment is received, OpenNode offers payers the option to top up and complete payment or request a refund for the original underpayment. Refunds are typically initiated within 24 hours of payer request.

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