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What wallet should I use?
What wallet should I use?

A simple guide to figuring out what wallet to pay with as an OpenNode payer

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Here is a short-list of recommended hot wallets, organized by platform:


  • Blue Wallet - A custodial wallet with On-chain and Lightning payment capability. Users also have the ability to purchase bitcoin directly on the wallet through P2P exchange HodlHodl. (Google Play/App Store)

  • Breez Wallet - An open-source non-custodial wallet with easy Lightning Network channel set-up. (Google Play/App Store)

  • Cash App - A bitcoin exchange and custodial wallet that supports Lightning Network payments (Google Play/App Store)


Electrum - An open-source non-custodial wallet for desktop. (Download from website)

Exodus - A non-custodial wallet for desktop and Trezor devices. (Download from website)

Want to learn more about Bitcoin wallets?

Check our help center article to learn more about the different types of BItcoin wallets.

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