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Payouts for recipients

Learn how to open an account and receive payouts with the OpenNode platform

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In order to receive payouts using OpenNode, recipients must register for an OpenNode account and complete KYC and bank account verification using this link:

Image of the module that payout recipients will receive.

OpenNode will activate payouts for the account upon fulfillment of the above requirements.
โ€‹Note: this account can not be used to accept payments, only payouts.

Receipt and Transfer of Funds

In addition to bitcoin, recipients must associate one local/traditional currency with the account. In order to enable a local currency wallet, recipients must:

  1. Possess a real (not virtual) bank account

  2. Complete the bank account verification process as part of the signup process

With this additional local currency wallet, recipients will have the flexibility to receive payouts in:

Once received, funds can be transferred to the external bank account specified or a personal BTC wallet or account. Click here for details of supported options.

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