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QuickBooks Bitcoin payments
QuickBooks Bitcoin payments

How to connect your QuickBooks account to OpenNode to accept Bitcoin payments.

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Connect your QuickBooks account to OpenNode and accept Bitcoin payments for your QuickBooks invoices.

How to connect QuickBooks to OpenNode

Configure the QuickBooks integration

Access the Quickbooks settings page in your OpenNode dashboard.

Use one of the following options:

  • All QuickBooks invoices - OpenNode sends a Bitcoin payment option for every QuickBooks invoices you send out.

  • Selected QuickBooks clients - OpenNode sends a Bitcoin payment option only for the clients you choose.

  • Disable integration - no Bitcoin payment option is offered

How does it work?

After configuring the integration, OpenNode will automatically send out a Bitcoin payment option according to your preferences.

If your customer opts to pay with Bitcoin, we will automatically add a payment entry to your QuickBooks accounting and mark your QuickBooks invoice as paid.

Bitcoin payment option

Your customer receives an OpenNode invoice with the option to pay with Bitcoin, on-chain or with Lightning.


Once your customer pays with Bitcoin, a payment entry is automatically added to your QuickBooks account.

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