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Two-Factor Authentification (2FA)
Setting up two-factor authentication (2fa)
Setting up two-factor authentication (2fa)

2 Factor Authentication is an important tool for preventing funds from moving on your OpenNode account without permission

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Two-factor authentication (2FA), also known as 2-step verification, is a security layer in addition to your email and password. You will need to provide your 2FA code when signing in to your account, withdrawing from OpenNode, or enabling Automatic Conversion functionality.

How to Use Two-factor Authentication

We recommend downloading and using Google Authenticator (App Store / Google Play).

By using Google Authenticator or another authenticator app, the only way to access the codes is via physical access to the device running the app.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you do not have a mobile device that supports Google Authenticator or similar apps, you can use a TOTP app on your computer and configure it with the secret seed provided during the 2FA setup. 

What is a secret key?

When you set up two-factor authentication, you'll be prompted to write down and save your secret key. If you lose access to your phone, you can authenticate using this secret key. We recommend that you store your key in a very safe place. Generally, your secret key will help you get back into your account if you ever lose access.

Your secret key will look like this:

Image of Secret Key for setting up 2 Factor Authentication

If you lose your secret key but still have access to your authentication device, you are able to reset your secret key. This requires you to have access to your current authentication device.

If you lost your secret key and don't have access to your authentication device, please email or use the chatbox in the bottom right to verify your account.

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