Payment Templates allow you to create fully customizable, pre-set checkouts for a given product, service, or donation in the form of a button, URL, or email. 

Navigate to Payments > Templates from the OpenNode dashboard to manage, view, and create new payment templates.

There are Two Types of Payment Templates:
"Payments" and "Donations"

Both templates function in mostly the same way, with a few differences listed below:


  • Requires customers to pay checkout in full. 
  • Ideal for selling products or services with a fixed price. 
  • Button looks like:

👉Learn how to build a bitcoin payment button


  • Allows customers to choose how much to pay in a checkout. 
  • Ideal for collecting donations, tips, or other payments which don’t have a fixed price.
  • Button looks like:

👉Learn how to build a bitcoin donation button

Setting up a Payment Template is Easy

Just enter the name, description, price (if applicable), and information you want to collect (if applicable), and you're done.

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