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Setting up a "Pay with bitcoin" button
Setting up a "Pay with bitcoin" button

A walkthrough on how to create bitcoin payment buttons and insert them into your website, no plugins required.

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Image of a Pay with Bitcoin Button

With just a few clicks, you can create a Bitcoin payment button on your website or app. These buttons take your customers to a customizable payment request, where it is quick and easy to convert your customers.

Follow these simple instructions and get payment buttons live today!

Step 1: Go to Payment Templates

Sign in to your OpenNode account and click the Payment > Templates button on the left side of the page:

Image of OpenNode dashboard showing how to get to payment buttons

Step 2: Create a New Template

Click on "Create template".

Image of the OpenNode dashboard showing where to create a payment button

Step 3: Choose type, "Payment"

In the next screen, select the ''payment" template. This will ensure that your button reads "Pay with bitcoin". Payment buttons create checkouts with pre-determined amounts that must be paid in full. 

Image of choosing a payment button template type

Step 4: Customize your Button's Checkout

On this page, you can fill out the details that live on the checkout screen and give you options to collect information on your customers.

Image of creating a payment button on the OpenNode dashboard

Step 5: You're Done!

Your button is now done! You can now create a clickable payment button by copy-and-pasting the button's code snippet into your website.

Image of a payment button on the OpenNode Dashboard

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