When you generate a checkout for a product or service with OpenNode, your customer may accidentally not enter enough Bitcoin to complete the checkout, resulting in an underpayment. This often occurs when the payer forgets to include a few extra sats to cover the network fees for an on-chain Bitcoin transaction.

In the result of an underpayment, the payer will have the option to either complete the payment or ask for a refund. Learn about how underpayments are returned to payers here.

How to avoid underpayments

OpenNode offers an underpaid threshold feature that allows you to set a limit on what you are willing or not willing to accept for an underpaid checkout. Learn more about our underpaid threshold feature here.

Have questions? Let us know!

In the case of any payment discrepancies, OpenNode will respond to merchant inquiries on a case by case basis. You can reach us at support@opennode.com or use the chat bot at the bottom right of any OpenNode page, 24/7.

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