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Learn how to automatically accept underpaid payments that are underpaid from 0.1 to 10%.

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On-chain bitcoin transactions require a small network fee for each transaction. If a buyer fails to correctly estimate an appropriate fee for the transaction, the checkout may become underpaid.

To ensure a seamless checkout experience, OpenNode gives you the ability to set an underpaid threshold. This allows you to accept certain underpaid payments as long as they are under a certain threshold. You can set your threshold from .1% to 10% directly from your dashboard by navigating to Settings > Payments.

It is not necessary to set an underpaid threshold but it is recommended. There will be customers who use their cryptocurrency exchanges as their wallet application. These exchanges often do not take into account the withdrawal fees.

If you would like to accept underpaid payments and set a threshold, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings on your OpenNode dashboard.

  2. Click on Payments.

  3. Scroll down to Set your underpaid threshold.

  4. Click the toggle to enable underpaid checkouts.

  5. Choose the threshold limit that you'd like.

Image of setting an Underpaid threshold on the OpenNode platform

Note: The underpaid threshold only deals with on-chain payments. It is impossible to underpay a Lightning invoice.

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