Note: OpenNode recommends setting up a bitcoin wallet before attempting to make a payment. Bitcoin wallets create a better user experience for making payments by:

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Step 1: Select between On-chain or Lightning


The phrase “On-chain” refers to the fact that you are making a Bitcoin payment on the Bitcoin blockchain, as opposed to a second layer solution (like Lightning). Paying on-chain is the original way to pay with bitcoin. Therefore, if you don’t know if your wallet is a Lightning Network wallet or not, you should assume that it’s an on-chain wallet and keep the toggle set on “On-chain”. You can learn more about on-chain wallets here or here.

On-chain toggle selected


“Lightning” means your paying from a Lightning Network wallet. The Lightning Network is a second layer of Bitcoin that has significant useability improvements over On-chain, such as lower cost payments, quicker settlement times, and minimum payments as low as a single satoshi. Lightning payments require a wallet that supports Lightning Network payments. If you are using a Lightning Network wallet, keep the toggle set on “Lightning”. You can learn more about Lightning Network wallets here or here.

Lightning Network toggle selected

Step 2: Choose how to pay with your wallet

Once you select if you want to pay with On-chain or Lightning, there are three ways to complete a Bitcoin checkout.

Open with Wallet

If you are using a device, either on mobile or desktop, with a wallet application installed on it, you can tap “open in wallet” and the Bitcoin checkout will complete the payment inside the wallet application. This is the quickest way to complete a Bitcoin checkout if you are using one device with a Bitcoin or Lightning Network wallet application installed on it.

Scan QR code with mobile wallet

If you have a mobile wallet set up on your smart device and are viewing the Bitcoin checkout on a separate device, you can scan the QR code with the camera on your smart device. This is the easiest way to complete a Bitcoin checkout if you are using multiple devices.

Copy and paste the BTC address wallet manually

Alternatively, it is possible to copy and paste the Bitcoin address directly into your wallet application, regardless of what device you are using.

Step 3: Complete the transaction in your wallet

Once you select a checkout method, either “open in wallet”, scanning the QR, or copy and pasting the bitcoin address, you must finish the transaction in your Bitcoin or Lightning Network wallet.

Have questions?

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