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How to set up OpenNode on Magento
How to set up OpenNode on Magento

Accept Bitcoin on your Magento store in a few easy steps!

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We've developed an extension for Magento so that all Magento 2 merchants can enjoy Bitcoin and Lightning Network powered payments with simple, easy-to-use integration. Integrating OpenNode with your Magento store takes just a few steps.

Installing OpenNode as a Magento Plugin

  1. Download the Magento plugin here.

  2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file.

  3. Upload the extracted folder to your server, on MAGENTO_ROOT/app/code.

  4. Run the following commands:

composer require opennode/opennode-php --ignore-platform-reqs
php bin/magento module:enable OpenNode_OpenNodePayment
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile
php bin/magento cache:clean

Plugin Configuration

After installing the Magento plugin, you should activate it and configure it properly.

You will need an OpenNode API key. To get one, follow these steps or watch this video:

  1. After signing up on OpenNode, log into the platform.

  2. Click on "Developers" and select the "Integrations" tab.

  3. Click on the "Generate E-commerce Key" button.

  4. Copy the generated API Key.

After getting your API key, you can configure your OpenNode Magento plugin with the following steps:

  1. Access your Magento Admin panel.

  2. Click on "Stores" and then "Configuration".

  3. Click on "Sales" and then "Payment Methods".

  4. Select "OpenNode" to view all configuration options.

  5. Paste the API key in the "API Key" field.

When you're done, it should look something like this:

Image of the Magneto dashboard before integrating OpenNode

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