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How to fund payouts
How to fund payouts

Learn how to fund payouts with the OpenNode platform

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OpenNode supports several options for funding bitcoin payouts. Businesses can:

  1. Accept bitcoin payments for retail sales activity.

  2. Pay into OpenNode via local currency/wire transfer.

  3. Pay into OpenNode via bitcoin transfer.

1. Accept payments for retails sales activity

Money earned via merchant acceptance can be used as a source of funds for BTC Payouts.

2. Pay into OpenNode account via local currency/wire transfer

  • Businesses can deposit local currency via wire transfer. To initiate a pay-in using local currency, please contact

  • The current pay-in limit is USD 150K equivalent per day.

  • Local currency can be converted to BTC in two ways:
    - via OpenNode's Exchange API (for more information, see our documentation).
    - from your dashboard on our web platform.

Image of how to fund payouts in the OpenNode dashboard

Note: Local currency does not have to be converted to BTC in order to initiate a BTC payout (for more information, see Initiating Bitcoin Payouts).

3. Pay into OpenNode account via bitcoin transfer

  • BTC can easily be transferred to a business's OpenNode account. To initiate a pay-in using BTC, please contact

  • Businesses can choose to convert BTC to local currency at the time of transfer or hold BTC in their OpenNode account.

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